Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Graduate Profile

From Peace Corps to Project Manager

Kevin Thelin

Kevin Thelin, P.E. is a senior project manager with Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc. in Portland, Oregon. Kevin chose PCC to complement his practical engineering experience gained through 8 years of rural development work in Zaire, Africa (Peace Corps and nongovernmental organizations). PCC was the first step in completing the formal education required to become a licensed civil engineer. Kevin found that PCC offered a great study environment with motivated students and extremely accessible and practical instructors for all of the necessary transfer courses (first two years) needed for a 4-year B.S. in Civil Engineering. When he transferred to Portland State University, he was delighted to discover that the PCC students "matched up" very well with the students who had completed their first two years at PSU or other 4-year schools. Kevin currently works on a variety of public works projects including water supply and distribution, sanitary sewers and lift stations, storm drainage and transportation improvement projects. The thing that has surprised Kevin the most in his career as an engineer is how people-oriented the profession is. Making relationships and knowing how to effectively listen to and communicate with all types of people is an extremely rewarding and important part of the engineering profession.