General Engineering: University Transfer

Sylvania ST 200

Advice for a Successful Visit to the Engineering Office

Speak with one of the instructors who specializes in your area of interest. Office hours are posted in the Engineering Office.


Some students walk into the office and go blank and to fill the silence, they begin to tell us personal information. "I've raised tropical fish for twenty-seven years." Silence. There is always a tie-in between a person's hobbies and their goals but a statement like "I've been designing machinery for my tank for my tropical fish as a hobby and now I want professional training in mechanical engineering so I can patent some of my designs" would have clued us in a lot faster. We want to help you get to your destination. We just need some road signs.

Ask Questions

Practice asking questions. "What kinds of programs do you offer? Will this degree transfer to a university? How do I go about becoming an aeronautical designer?" These are great questions and we can help you go from there. If you walk in and say, "I'm interested in your program," we're stuck for a few minutes while we ask questions to elicit which of the eight transfer programs or five technology programs you are interested in.

Listen to the Answers

Every profession has its own jargon and engineering is certainly no exception. There's a real and demonstrable difference between a technologist, a technician, and an engineer. Don't get caught like the student who went through an entire quarter of Civil Engineering Technology only to find out that none of the courses would transfer to Portland State University. Get a copy of the PCC catalog the year that you enter the program and hold on to it! The catalog is your contract with us so keep it handy for graduation day.