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Getting Started at PCC

Follow these steps to get started with the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program

Step 1

Apply for Admission: Apply online or in person at one of our Enrollment Services offices.

Step 2

Take college placement tests: All new students are required to take the COMPASS placement test. The student must have passed RD 115, WR 115, and MTH 20 or placed into WR121 and MTH 60, or a copy of College math and writing assessment test scores from any college.

If you have transcripts from other colleges submit a Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation.

Step 3

Visit the Orientation Center: No appointment is necessary. The Orientation Center for Cascade campus is located in the Student Services Building (SSB), Rm. 201. & open on Fridays.

Step 4

Consider Funding Options:

Step 5

Enrollment: After completion of the process, the applicant should meet with the admissions specialist to receive the applications and requirements. The EMT courses (EMS 105 & EMS 106 are closed courses and need department approval from the Admissions Specialist in order to get permission to register. To get permission to register, a complete application is required, including all prerequisites and required documentations. No exceptions.

Step 6

Meet with an advisor: Get help planning a course of study to reach your goals. The general advisor for the Emergency Services programs is Michelle Butler. She will help you with course schedule planning for the programs and the general education courses required for the program.

Step 7

Register for Classes

Step 8

Manage your Registration: Review PCC's registration policies to find out about dropping or withdrawing from classes, late registration, canceled classes, refunds, past due accounts and more.

Step 9

Pay for Classes: Full payment of your account balance must be received by the due date for the term. Look for your bill and account balance under the MyPCC Paying for College tab.

What's Next?

Apply for admission to PCC.