Wireless and Data Communications - EET Option

2-Year A.A.S. Degree (Portland Community College 2011-2012 Catalog)

Sylvania ST 200 | Department Chair: Sanda Williams | Engineering Technology Advisor: Linda Browning | 971-722-8730

Program Prerequisites: Placement in MTH 111and completion of WR 121. Basic computer skills in the WindowsTM operating system, email and internet research skills, word processing and spreadsheets are required. All students must have an advising interview with an EET advisor.

Total credits required: 98


First Term
EET 101 Intro to Elec.Test Eq/Sold/Tools 1
EET 111 Electric Circuit Analysis I 5
EET 121 Digital Systems I 3
MTH 111 College Algebra 5
General Ed Social Science 3
Total 17
Second Term
EET 112 Electric Circuit Analysis II 5
EET 122 Digital Systems II 4
1EET 188 Industrial Safety 1
MTH 112 Elementary Functions 5
Total 15
Third Term
EET 113 Electrical Power 5
EET 123 Digital Systems III 4
EET 178 PC Architecture for Tech 4
2CS 133U / CS 161 Intro to C or Computer Science I 4
Total 17
Fourth Term
EET 221 Semiconductor Devices 5
EET 241 Microcomputer Systems 4
3MTH 243 Statistics 4
General Ed Arts and Letters 3
Total 16
Fifth Term
EET 222 Op-Amp Circuits 5
CIS 188 Introduction to Wireless Net. 4
EET 242 Microcontroller Systems 4
EET 254 Seminar 1
CIS 179 Data Communication I 4
Total 18
Sixth Term
EET 223 RF Communications Circuits 5
EET 256 / EET 280A Electric Capst Project or CE: Electronic Engineering Tech 2
CIS 189 Wireless Security 4
CIS 278 Data Communication II 4
Total 15

1 OSHA industrial safety training can substitute
2 CS 161 is required by OIT
3 MTH 251/252 can substitute

Start in the fall (day) or in the winter (evening). Third term EET classes are offered in the summer as well. Check with the math department for compressed summer classes. EET program and all its options transfer to Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) in the 4-year BSEET degree - check with the dept. for details or the PCC/OIT agreement on our website. For prior learning credit, contact Sanda Williams, department chair, at sanda.williams@pcc.edu. To receive formal credit, students must provide official transcripts, complete the Course Substitution form, have it signed by the dept. chair, and sent to the Registrar. Students may have up to 45 Nontraditional credits - please check with the department for details.