Sylvania ST 200 | Department Chair: Sanda Williams | Engineering Technology Advisor: Linda Browning | 971-722-8730

How to Enroll in EET program and its options

electronic engineering student

Step 1) Apply to PCC

See the PCC Admissions website for more information.

Step 2) College Placement Testing

Take the college placement test (see Catalog) or submit official transcripts.

If you are new at PCC, check with Advising if you think you can be waived of a placement test.

Step 3) Attend an information session

Attend an information and advising session (see Electronics Engineering Technology homepage for dates, times and locations).

Please take note that you need to purchase a PCC parking permit. The info that you are looking for may be under “Monthly and One-Day Permits”. PCC also has free inter-campus shuttles.

Step 4) Complete the application to enter the EET program or one of its options

Complete the engineering application for admission to enter the program and receive permission to register for classes. Note: You must attend an information session before submitting your online application. Applications from students who have not attended an information session will not be processed until you have attended an information session.

Step 5) Register for classes

  • You can register online.
    • If you meet the prerequisites but the system does not allow you to register, please contact: Kathleen Harriman or Linda Browning

      Please provide them with your PCC “G” number, which can be found on your student profile (first page of MyPCC) and on your student cards.

      See the Catalog for program prerequisites.

If two classes overlap at a certain degree you will need to talk to the instructors of both classes to see if they agree with your plan. Both instructors will have to sign an “overlapping file” (can be found with the registration or with our engineering department secretaries).  Take this file to the registration.

EET Advisors

  • For general advising, contact Linda Browning, program advisor.
  • For technical credit transfer evaluation and other EET related matters please contact Sanda Williams, EET Department Chair.
Note: During the summer our EET FT faculties may have some scheduled advising hours. Please check with our dean assistant, Kathleen Harriman (, 971-722-4159) for their availability.