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Joel Campos Alvis

Joel Campos Alvis, Economics graduate who went on to MIT (Read his story.)

Economics is a branch of social science that deals with the study of choice and scarcity. It is divided into two broad fields of micro-and macroeconomics which include a number of applied fields such as labor economics, regional economics, public finance, international trade, etc.

Students who major in economics can expect to be among the top ten best paid professionals in America. Economists work in a wide range of industries and sectors (both public and private). They can be research specialists, forecasters, or academics. Many economists are simply self-employed as private consultants. Roughly half of the nation’s economists are women.

Transferable Credits

Although PCC does not offer a degree in Economics, the classes are lower division collegiate courses that transfer to a four-year college or university. Economics courses may transfer as:

  • Elective credits
  • Program requirements credits; and/or
  • Graduation requirements for the receiving institution

Students are always encouraged to check with the receiving institution, your PCC academic advisor and the University Transfer website for the most accurate and timely transfer requirement information.

What's Next?

Economics program flag
  1. Complete the steps for new students
    • The admissions form will ask you what you plan to study. Since we don't offer a degree or certificate in this subject, you should choose Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer (AAOT) for now.
  2. Plan how you'll pay for college
  3. Plan your transfer