2014 PCC Dental Lab Technology Program

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Before you Apply

PCC’s Dental Lab Technology Program admits up to 28 students each year. The program begins every fall term and applications are accepted on a rolling admission basis. PCC offers both a Certificate and AAS Degree option.

Program Prerequisites

  • MTH 20 COMPASS placement*
  • RD 90 or WR 115 or COMPASS placement into RD 115
  • High school diploma or GED
  • 2.0 or above GPA for college courses
  • Wax carving test – after completing the above requirements and submitting an application, the Dental Department will contact applicants to schedule a wax carving test. Applicants must successfully pass the test to be considered for the program.

*The math placement test may be used to meet entry requirements. Once admitted, students with no previous math course must complete MTH 20 or higher to meet DLT graduation requirements.

Application Process

  • Apply to Portland Community College online at www.pcc.edu/admissions.
  • Complete the Dental Lab Technology program application.
  • Include required response to the essay question (see application).
  • Include official college transcripts (other than PCC) documenting completion of required prerequisite courses and/or official documentation of placement tests scores. These documents must be submitted with your application NOT mailed separately.
  • Attend the wax carving test. The Dental Department schedules wax carving tests for groups of 8-10 applicants and will contact applicants once a test has been scheduled.
  • Applicants will be notified of their status 1-2 weeks after completing the wax carving test.

Application Timeline

  • Applications are available online at www.pcc.edu/DLT.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through the end of Summer term.
  • All application materials, including college transcripts and application form, must be received in the Health Admissions Office, SY HT205.
  • All prerequisites must be complete by the end of Summer term of the year you apply.
  • Applicants will be informed of their admissions status after having completed the wax carving test.
  • The program begins Fall term.

Additional Resources

American Dental Association: www.ada.org

Oregon Board of Dentistry: www.oregon.gov/dentistry

For additional information about the program, please visit www.pcc.edu/hao