Dental Assisting - Degree Outcomes

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1 Year PCC Dental Assisting Certificate Outcomes

  • Engage in a broad range of communication skills for thepurpose of analyzing dental situations and anticipating the needs of the dentist and patient using appropriate language and modality.
  • Help an organization thrive in a diverse, rapidly changing and increasingly global healthcare environment.
  • Identify problems and apply appropriate methods of reasoning to develop creative and practical solutions for personal, professional, client (patient) and dental community issues.
  • Respond effectively to diverse client (patient) needs in an increasingly global marketplace by applying problem solving skills.
  • Function as a valued team member exhibiting professional skills, ethics, sustainability and social responsibilities by achieving the following: Oregon Radiological Proficiency Certificate, Oregon Sealant Certificate, Oregon Soft Reline Certificate and acquire the knowledge to successfully pass the Certified Dental Assisting (CDA) exam.
  • Actively build personal skills by identifying, assessing and participating in learning opportunities that contribute to personal and professional growth in the dental health care setting.