Program Overview

Is Virtual Assisting for You?

  • Are you a self-starter?
  • Do you enjoy helping people?
  • Are you confident about your abilities?
  • Are you trustworthy and honest?
  • Are you willing to take risks?
  • Can you accept challenges?
  • Are you creative?
  • Can you adapt to rapid change?
  • Can you stay focused without being easily distracted?
  • Can you set goals and follow them to completion?
  • Can you handle multiple tasks at one time?

If you can answer “yes” to most of these questions, have solid skills with the Microsoft Office Suite and working as an admin, as well as lots of motivation, you are indeed virtual assistant material.

Become a Virtual Assistant in Two Terms: Online and In-Person Classes

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In PCC’s Computer Applications and Office Systems (CAS/OS) program the Virtual Assistant Certificate is designed to provide students with the necessary "soft" skills to develop and successfully operate a virtual office, an office that provides administrative support and technical services for the rapidly changing global business environment. (It is assumed that you have the "hard" computer skills already.) The certificate is intended to be an extended career opportunity for those who have extensive work experience in their field of expertise.

The courses required to earn the virtual assistant certificate can be completed in two terms, and all of them may be taken online, although traditional in-person classes are available for most. Please refer to the Virtual Assistant Advising Guide for Certificate Requirements.

Professional Organizations

Here are some Virtual Assistant forums and organizations to gather more information about the industry:

Course of Study

Employment Prospects

Did You Know...

The demand for virtual assistants is due to changing economic conditions, such as downsizing, outsourcing, and commuting expenses as well as the large number of small businesses. Many virtual assistants contract with entrepreneurs with no employees. Data shows that self-employed individuals who have no paid employees operate three-fourths of U.S. businesses. As a result the virtual assistant has become a viable career option for the highly skilled professional.

U.S. Census Bureau News, September 27, 2006