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Computer Applications and Office Systems Virtual Assistant Certificate

This program is designed for the highly skilled, self-directed administrative assistant. Students learn the necessary skills to develop a virtual office that provides administrative support and technical services for the rapidly changing global business environment.


Students must be competent with composition and math skills, word processing, spreadsheet, formatting, filing, and editing skills for common office documents. Browser navigation, searching the web, and file management skills are also essential to be successful in this program. Recommended classes to obtain these skills: WR 121, MTH 20, CAS 104, CAS 133, CAS 170, CAS 216, OS 120, OS 240, OS 245, BA 101, BA 131. Because of the entrepreneurial nature of Virtual Assistants, students should be independent learners who use time management skills to accomplish tasks. It is highly recommended students have a minimum of two years' work experience in an office related field, such as administration, medical, insurance, web design, etc.

Certificate Requirements

Students must pass all courses with letter grades of a C or better.

Virtual Certificate Assistant
First Term Course Credits
BA 205 Solving Business Problems 4
CAS 111D Beg. Web Site/Dreamweaver 3
CAS 246 Integrated Computer Projects 4
OS 250 Creating a Virtual Office 4
Total Credits 15
Second Term Course Credits
BA 111 Introduction to Accounting 3
OS 251 Virtual Office Concepts 4
OS 280F Cooperative Education 4
OS 280G Cooperative Education: Seminar 1
Total Credits 12
Total Certificate Credits 27


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Employment Prospects

Did You Know...

The demand for virtual assistants is due to changing economic conditions, such as downsizing, outsourcing, and commuting expenses as well as the large number of small businesses. Many virtual assistants contract with entrepreneurs with no employees. Data shows that self-employed individuals who have no paid employees operate three-fourths of U.S. businesses. As a result the virtual assistant has become a viable career option for the highly skilled professional.

U.S. Census Bureau News, September 27, 2006