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Virtual Assistant Certificate: An Advanced CAS/OS Certificate (2009 - 2010)

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Career and Program Description

The Virtual Assistant Certificate will benefit those who want to work independently out of their own home by applying administrative, creative and/or technical services to other entrepreneurs, small businesses or corporations. This advanced certificate presumes previous administrative and office management experience as well as computer skills. Please see a CAS/OS advisor to learn more about this new certificate.

Certificate Requirements

All CAS/OS courses to be applied toward a CAS/OS certificate or degree must be passed with a “C” grade or better. (One credit courses must receive a pass grade.) 

Virtual Assistant An Advanced CAS/OS Certificate(27 credits)
Course Title Credits
BA 205 Solving Comm. Problems w/ Technology 4
CAS 111D Beginning Dreamweaver 3
CAS 246 Integrated Computer Projects 4
1OS 250 Creating a Virtual Office 4
BA 111 Introduction to Accounting 3
2OS 251 Virtual Office Concepts 4
3OS 280F Co‐op Ed: Virtual Assistant 4
4OS 280G Co‐op Ed: Virtual Assistant Seminar 1

1 Recommended: completion of CAS 246.
2 Recommended: completion of OS 250.
3 A minimum of 15 credits of CAS/OS courses must be satisfactorily completed before enrolling in OS 280F.
4 OS 280F and OS 280G must be taken concurrently.

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Course of Study

Employment Prospects

Did You Know...

The demand for virtual assistants is due to changing economic conditions, such as downsizing, outsourcing, and commuting expenses as well as the large number of small businesses. Many virtual assistants contract with entrepreneurs with no employees. Data shows that self-employed individuals who have no paid employees operate three-fourths of U.S. businesses. As a result the virtual assistant has become a viable career option for the highly skilled professional.

U.S. Census Bureau News, September 27, 2006