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Computer Applications and Office Systems Advising Guide

Virtual Specialist Certificate: An Advanced CAS/OS Certificate (2009 - 2010)

Career and Program Description

The Virtual Specialist Certificate will benefit those who want to work independently out of their own home by applying administrative, creative and/or technical services to other entrepreneurs, small businesses or corporations. This advanced certificate presumes previous administrative and office management experience as well as computer skills. Please see a CAS/OS advisor to learn more about this new certificate.

Certificate Requirements

All CAS/OS courses to be applied toward a CAS/OS certificate or degree must be passed with a “C” grade or better. (One credit courses must receive a pass grade.) 

Virtual Specialist An Advanced CAS/OS Certificate (27 credits)
Course Title Credits
BA 205 Solving Comm. Problems w/ Technology 4
CAS 111D Beginning Dreamweaver 3
CAS 246 Integrated Computer Projects 4
1OS 250 Creating a Virtual Office 4
BA 111 Introduction to Accounting 3
2OS 251 Virtual Office Concepts 4
3OS 280F Co‐op Ed: Virtual Specialist 4
4OS 280G Co‐op Ed: Virtual Specialist Seminar 1

1 Recommended: completion of CAS 246.
2 Recommended: completion of OS 250.
3 A minimum of 15 credits of CAS/OS courses must be satisfactorily completed before enrolling in OS 280F.
4 OS 280F and OS 280G must be taken concurrently.

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