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Campus Resources

CAS students in classroom

The Computer Applications/Office Systems (CAS/OS) department invites you to take advantage of the resources provided for CAS/OS students:


All students are encouraged to meet with a CAS/OS faculty advisor from time to time in order to make and/or update their academic plan. It is important that students keep in touch with an advisor in order to stay up-to-date and on track towards their goals. Contact your CAS/OS campus office or a Student Resource Specialist (see below) to make an appointment.

Computer Labs

Computer Resource Centers (CRCs) are located at each campus and the SE Campus. Students must complete a short online orientation in order to use the lab and upon completion, a username and I.D. will be assigned. Labs are equipped with up-to-date computers and software so that you may do your homework at school.

Sylvania students may also use the CAS/OS lab in SS 202. (Check the schedule posted in your classroom for open lab times.)

CIS and CS students are invited to use the labs in the TCB 308 and 311 in order to do homework and/or receive tutoring assistance in coursework. See http://spot.pcc.edu/computers/tutors.html for open lab hours and tutor availability. 

Student Resource Specialists / Advisors

The Computer Technologies Division offers students a personal resource to assist in making their time at PCC a positive, productive experience. Our Student Resource Specialists are available to assist you to plan your coursework, evaluate transcripts and find the resources you need. From scholarship searches to day-care options, to assistance in working with instructors, there are resources available to PCC students. Contact Traci Simmons at Cascade Campus or Michele Maxwell at Sylvania Campus (currently vacant at Rock Creek Campus).