Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Program Overview

student in class

PCC's Retail Management program teaches you foundational principles of business, management, accounting, marketing and human relations. The certificate of completion provides you with the knowledge you need to start a successful career in retail sales or service, while the associate’s degree will prepare you for a career as a retail manager.

Both the certificate and degree options teach skills identified by the retail industry—as represented by the Western Association of Food Chains—which desires to provide a program of study for retail employees and for students who would like to advance to retail store supervision, store management and corporate leadership. Many regional employers encourage their employees to enroll in this course of study to enhance their professional development opportunities.

In addition, PCC is part of a statewide Retail Management Consortium consisting of Oregon community colleges offering the certificates and degree. For students interested in continuing on to earn a bachelor’s degree, the consortium agreement allows flexibility to transfer between different colleges, enabling students to complete their degree. Students who wish to transfer should discuss specific requirements with a departmental advisor.