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Matt Williams

Matt Williams

The Salem native is in his third year in the Building Construction Technology program at the Rock Creek Campus. Williams smiles every time he looks at the 7000 square-foot BCT shop. When he finishes school next year, he will have earned three associate's degrees and certificates from the program and plans to work in residential construction right away.

"They do an excellent job," Williams said of the construction program. "The instructors' knowledge and the courses are excellent. They are industry professionals who know what needs to be done. It's a fun teaching environment where you learn while you work on putting together each step of a house. This makes it easier to learn."

Williams loves the hands-on instruction. He said if the courses were like lectures, he would have a harder time understanding the material. Williams also works at Home Depot, which has given him valuable experience learning about wood materials and customer service.

Each step of the Building Construction Technology program involves a stage of home building. They start with how to construct the foundation, make the structure frames and put together the roof, and they do it all outside so that students get used to the ever-changing Oregon climate. By the end of the year, students are able to construct smaller models to put to use the tools and techniques they have learned.

As he finishes his studies, he plans to earn a certificate in construction management and plans to specialize in cabinet making.

"This program is hands-on for sure," Williams said. "They not only show you how things are done but the instructors make it interesting."