Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

These costs are estimates based on the 2015-16 academic year. Additional costs may include: food, housing, school supplies, child care, transportation, health insurance, FAA medical certificate, and professional membership.

Students are advised to seek financial aid while enrolled in the aviation program in order to limit their need for full-time employment.

Full Program Costs

Item Cost
Tuition, Lab, and Fees See Tuition and Fees
Books $1,000
FAA Medical Certificate $150 - $200
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Membership $45
Flight Fees

Airplane flight fees (207lbs. or less)

Airplane flight fees (more than 207lbs.)

Helicopter flight fees (220lbs. weight limit)

FAA knowledge test $165 per course
FAA practical test fees $500-$800 plus two hours aircraft rental, per flight course

*FAA checkrides and written tests are not part of PCC courses, PCC Flight Training Fees do not include FAA Designated Examiner fees. All students, regardless of funding source, should plan to pay for these items out of pocket. For each checkride (an average of one per course), students should anticipate approximately $165 for an FAA written test, $500-800 for the Designated Pilot Examiner fee for the checkride, plus approximately two hours of aircraft rental.

Flight fees are subject to change each term. Weight limits are based on the weight reflected on the student's FAA medical certificate.