Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Airplane Flight Fees (Bravo option, more than 207 lbs.)

Class Title Cost
AVS-125 Airplane Private $16,234
AVS-135 Airplane Instrument $13,888
AVS-145 Airplane Intro to Comm $12,375
AVS-225 Airplane Commercial $19,555
AVS-236 Airplane MEI $11,336
AVS-243 Airplane Single-Engine CFI $3,974
AVS-244 Airplane CFII $5,419
Totals for CFI Degree $82,781
AVS-275 Airplane Professional Pilot* $14,500
Totals for Non-CFI Degree $76,552

*Required only for non-CFI Degree, and replaces AVS-236, 243 and 244.

Please note that PCC Fees do not cover FAA checkrides or written tests. See the Course Content and Outcome Guide (CCOG) for detailed flight fees.