Airplane Flight Fees (207 lbs. or less)

Aviation Science Fees
Class Title Cost
AVS-125 Airplane Private $15,928
AVS-135 Airplane Instrument $19,085
AVS-145 Airplane Intro to Comm $9,008
AVS-225 Airplane Commercial $20,257
AVS-236 Airplane MEI $10,600
AVS-243 Airplane Single-Engine CFI $6,735
AVS-244 Airplane CFII $6,213
Totals for CFI Degree $87,826
AVS-275 Airplane Professional Pilot* $14,425*
Totals for Non-CFI Degree $78,703

*Required only for non-CFI Degree, and replaces AVS-236, 243 and 244.

Prices effective summer term 2017. FAA checkrides and written tests, and FAA Designated Examiner fees are included in the PCC Flight Training fees. Detailed flight fees and hour breakdown available here.