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Asian Studies Classes

Focus Award

As part of the process of pursuing the Asian Studies Focus Award, students are encouraged to work with an Asian Studies committee member as a mentor.  For more information on the award and to connect with a mentor, contact Bryan Hull.

To receive the Asian Studies Focus Award, a student will complete at least 16 credits from the following choices, which must:

  • Include no more than two courses from one discipline (e.g. Art, Japanese, Literature)
  • Cover more than one geographic area of Asia
  • Include no more than one general course, in which the student should focus on Asian topics (ATH 103; BA 203; GEO 107; MUS 108; PS 204; PS 205; R 210; SP 140; WS 201)

Although only two courses from one discipline may apply toward the award, we encourage and wholeheartedly support taking two full years of an Asian language.

To receive this focus award, go to the English and World Languages Division, Sylvania CT 219.

Course of Study

Courses may be selected from the following list.

The course links will take you directly to the term schedule (either the current term if registration is still active or the upcoming term). If that course is not offered that term, the schedule will say there are no results.

Asian Studies Focus Award courses
Course Title Credits
ATH 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 4
ART 207 History of Asian Art: India 4
ART 208 History of Asian Art: China 4
ART 209 History of Asian Art: Japan 4
Business Administration
BA 203 International Business 3
CHN 101, 102, 103 First Year Chinese 5
CHN 201, 202, 203 Second Year Chinese (coming in fall 2011) 5
CHN 260, 261, 262 Chinese Culture 3
Communication Studies
COMM 140 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 4
GEO 107 Geography of Global Issues 4
HST 105 History of India and South Asia Region 4
HST 106 History of China 4
HST 107 History of Korea and Japan 4
JPN 101, 102, 103 First Year Japanese 5
JPN 111B, 112B, 113B First Year Japanese Conversation 1 to 3
JPN 150, 151 First Year Japanese 6
JPN 211B, 212B, 213B Second Year Japanese Conversation 1 to 3
JPN 201, 202, 203 Second Year Japanese 5
JPN 250, 251 Second Year Japanese 6
JPN 260, 261, 262 Japanese Culture 1 to 3
ENG 207 World Literature: Asian–Indian 4
ENG 208 World Literature: Asian–Chinese 4
ENG 209 World Literature: Asian–Japanese 4
MUS 108 Music Cultures of the World 4
PHL 210 Introduction to Asian Philosophy 4
Political Science
PS 204 Comparative Political Systems 4
PS 205 Global Politics: Conflict & Cooperation 4
Religious Studies
R201 Asian Religions 4
R210 World Religions 4
Women's Studies
WS 201 Women of the World 4