What to expect in your apprenticeship


There is always a lot of confusion when an apprentice first starts their apprenticeship. Below are some of the codes that you may see while you are an apprentice.

  • Action Codes: Hold; Re-rate; Notice To Appear; Propose For Cancellation; Referred To Exam; Hold & Notify To Appear; Complete; and Terminate.
  • Reason Codes: Missing MPR's; Late MPR's; Related Training Grades; Failure to Appear; Failure to Communicate; Failure to Progress; Failure to Respond; Failure to Submit MPR's; Illness or Injury; Incomplete MPR’s; Insufficient Related Training Attendance; Insufficient Related Training Hours; and Refer to Exam.
Apprenticeship codes
Hours to Advance from 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
0 1001 2001 3001 4001 5001 6001 7001
On the Job 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000
0 73 145 217 289 361 433 505
Related Training 73 144 216 288 360 432 504 576

As a guideline, apprentices must meet the minimum hours of OJT and Related Classroom Training in addition to being in good standing to be considered for rerate advancement.

(Please note: LME Apprentices progress through Period 1 - 4; Stationary Engineer Apprentices progress through Period 1 - 8 and Manufacturing Plant Apprentices progress through Period 1 - 8.)

A ‘Hold-Notice’ is not always a bad status. The committee issues a ‘Hold-Notice’ to apprentices who have not yet reached the next bench mark (ie.. re-rate, referral to exam and such). The committee will also inform the apprentice why they are being held (ie.. insufficient OJT hours, failing grades, short related training class hours and such). Once the apprentice reaches the next bench mark, they would come out of a hold status and progress to the next appropriate level.

Every six months all apprentices are required to have an action taken by the committee. This action is the driving force for BOLI to issue the apprentice another ‘Apprentice Work Card’ for the following six months. Action can be taken more often than every six months but no longer than six months because the apprentices work card would expire. I hope this clarifies things and you understand you are not in any trouble with the committee if you receive a ‘Hold Notice’ for ‘Insufficient Hours.’

A ‘Hold-Notice’ for failing grades, missing MPR’s, or for failure to do something does mean you are in trouble with the committee. Apprentices must take immediate action to correct the problem.

Please contact the Apprenticeship Administrator if you have any questions.