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  • Entry is through /
  • Academic Programs
  • Apprenticeship & Trades
  • Right Hand column under Apprenticeship Administration
  • Apprentice Services Login

NOTE: If you have questions about certain commands & do not see an immediate reference, see HINTS starting on page 3 for further explanations.

Apprentice Services Form Entrance

  • Username: = last name (not case sensitive)
  • Password = last 5 digits of your PCC G# (also identified in yellow on screen)
  • Click Login
  • View Profile Information
  • OJT Hours Important Note: Compare the total OJT hours as identified under Hours with your total Hours in Column "B" on your current MPR. They must match!
  • View Profile Information
  • RT Hours Important Note: While still in Overview, you can view your total Related Training (RT) hours as reported on your last MPR under Term. They will be viewed as RT 999. Compare them with column "B" Total Hours on your current MPR – They Must Match!
  • Since we are adjusting this Term field, which is not a calculated field, to reflect RT hours, you will not see an immediate update when you hit submit as you do with OJT hours. It is important the apprentice view as much information as possible on-line, thus Term was the only field to convey RT hours. This field will be updated every month through administration from your hardcopy MPR.

MPR Report Entrance

  • Click "Work Reports" Top Command Bar Select Month, Select Year, (Double check accuracy), Click Blue "Create Work Report" (It will not let you duplicate a work report for a month in which one already exists, But it will let you enter a report for any month one doesn’t already exist, thus be careful.) At this point you will see a small dotted white line around Create Work Report. This is always the prompt you will see when the command is processing.
  • Some commands take a while. You will see a Black MPR for the month you chose without hours. Note 0.0 lower left. Click Blue Edit (Grid will change to light gray color. Only in this color mode can you enter or adjust hours). Enter your hours as you would on your regular MPR. If you are using the tab button, be sure the cursor is moving in the desired direction.
  • Click the Green Save – you will see the total months earned hours in bold white figures, bottom] left corner. Add only your current month’s hours across the bottom of your hardcopy MPR. or subtract Column "C" Total Hours from Column "B" to get only the current month’s Total Hours That Figure Must Just Match The White Figure or there An Error! , (Reminder before you click the submit button remember to include your Related Training Classroom hours on the electronic MPR - next to the last line).
  • When the month’s hours are complete and the White figure matches your total hours worked, click the yellow "Submit".
  • Once you hit Submit, you will no longer have any access to that report.

Pending Reports

  • IF you entered a partial months hours, click the Green Save, then click Log Out.
  • You can adjust or add more hours to that month’s MPR by logging in again.
  • You now have a Pending report which must be completed before entering another report.
  • If there are multiple errors, you can click Delete, OK, really delete which will only clear the hours, it will not delete the form, thus the form will be in a "Pending" status. You must complete a Pending report before another report is generated.
  • On the Worked & Year Worked screen where you will get a bold white prompt that your Work Report was successfully deleted. Again, once you have completed the Work Report, click "Submit", then click OK.
  • At this point, you will have no further access to the report. It is released to PCC and only accessed by the Administrator
  • You will see a message saying "Your Work report was Submitted Successfully".

Report Verification

  • Now click "Overview" to match your hardcopy Total Hrs from column "C" to Total Hours shown in your Profile.
  • This check assures you that the hours have been submitted.
  • Here is another important place to repeat the Matching Number check.
  • Overview will NOT calculate any "Pending" hours in the total - you must click Submit before the hours are visible in Overview.
  • You can now Log Out.

Viewing Information

  • Other MPRs - If you wish to view other MPR’s, Click "Work Reports" identify the year in blue (2011) upper right corner. You will see that entire year’s MPR’s that have been "Submitted".
  • Click on the month you want to view, remember you will not see an "Edit" option which means no access. You can see the total hours reported for each month at the bottom in white. MPRs are printable from this screen .
  • You can view Classes taken & buck slips submitted for that class by clicking the "Classes" button.
  • You will see Term Class History (these will be your Required Classes) note Coyne 1st Aid is included as required.
  • Click the blue "Other Classes" button & you will see your elective class history.
  • Classes taken prior to Summer 2011 are listed as "Multi" term with grades that look like 011.1A.
  • The program wants to work with either a single letter grade or a 100.00% calculation.
  • In an effort to minimize the volume of history classes, coupled with including pertinent year/term/grade information, we decided to use the following format. The character limitation only allows the information you see to be shown as 011.1A. (011 being the year 2011, .1 being the 1st term Winter Term (Spring 2nd, Summer 3rd, & Fall 4th) with a grade of A.)
  • You can view your Re-rate dates under "Advancements"
  • Employer (You can view your employer & assignment date) This is used more for the Residential/Commercial apprentices who may work with several different contractors.

Related Training Hours

  • Apprentices will enter Related Training (classroom) hours on the 2nd to the bottom row of the gray electronic MPR. Be sure it’s not the bottom row titled "Prior Credit".
  • Total RT hours can be viewed under Term from the Overview screen. Term is not a calculated field, thus it will not automatically update once you hit submit.
  • Administrators update this field monthly from your hardcopy MPRs. Review RT Hours under Apprentice Services Form Entrance if needed.

Helpful Hints:

  1. The total monthly work hours identified in bold & white under the MPR grid is NOT an accumulative number; rather it is only the current month’s total work hours. Be sure to identify the correct month & year when selecting a Work Report Month & Year as the program will let you create a report for any month & year that one does not already exist.
  2. If you try to create a duplicate work report for a month that one already exists, you will get a red error message "you already submitted a work report for month of year".
  3. Remember even if you clear the hours using the "delete" process, you will still have a Pending report. You MUST complete & submit any Pending reports before entering another report month.
  4. If you accidentally create a wrong months MPR, you will need to hit "Submit", then email us using apprenticeship@pcc.edu to have the form removed so you can enter the correct month. EMAIL only so we have a record.
  5. You can only edit your report when it is in the light gray mode.
  6. Pending hours will not calculate in Overview.
  7. You will not see the individual Category hours as you do on your hard copy MPRs. Administrators are able to see the category hours through their homepage.
  8. The program does NOT show partial hours as .5 or .75, it rounds up or down. We ask you not to use any partial hours other than ½ or .5. We can see partial hours, you cannot.
  9. You will not see nor have access to identifying a submission date on your MPR – the date you click "submit" will automatically show as your submission date on the administrators records. This date is the 10th of the month without penalty application.
  10. Remember, we will not see the report until you hit "Submit" at which time 3 things happen,
    1. It is hard dated as your submission date,
    2. You will no longer have access to it &
    3. Only now will your hours calculate in "Overview" hours. At this point, if you double check total hours in overview & they match your current month’s earned total, they were submitted correctly. Remember if you don’t click "Submit", the report did not get to PCC
  11. DO NOT enter anything in the very last line titled "Prior Credit" – This field is reserved for Administrative use for returning Apprentices. Related Training hours are entered in the next to the last line.
  12. Notice that the apprentice can update their contact information by clicking bottom blue area on the "overview page". Many Apprentices records are not showing an email address – please update.
  13. You must continue to log, obtain signatures & submit hours on your monthly hardcopy MPR no later than the 10th of each month as usual. This process continues on until you are successful at passing the State Electrical Exam even if you have met the OJT & RT requirements.
  14. Your electronic file data was done manually thus if you question any record, please email the Apprenticeship Administrator for review, explanation or correction. The information was proofed & re-proofed, however the volume of data was extensive.
  15. Remember, we are here to help. Correcting a problem early on is a preventive measure for errors in future MPRs. Email is the best form of communication as it creates a record for both you & the Administrators. Please use the address apprenticeship@pcc.edu for communication.

Last Updated 4/4/12

Good Luck!!