Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

**All new apprentices and new employer training agents must attend a Mandatory Indenture Orientation which starts promptly at 3:30pm on meeting date, and check in by 3:20pm in Swan Island Trades Center STC 100 with Shawna Brown.

Meeting Date Meeting Time Paperwork Due Location
Wednesday, 1/28/15

4pm (see above for arrival time)

Wednesday, 1/07/15

PCC Swan Island Trades Center
6400 N Cutter Circle
Portland, OR 97217

Wednesday, 3/25/15 Wednesday, 3/12/15
Wednesday, 5/27/15 Wednesday, 5/16/15
Wednesday, 7/22/15 Wednesday, 7/09/15
Wednesday, 9/30/15 Wednesday, 9/17/15
Wednesday, 11/25/15 Wednesday, 11/13/15

*Subject to change without notice.