Metro LME: Stationary Engineers

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How to request an elective that is not on the approved elective list

The committee wants you to know the elective class process. The committee requires apprentices to pick classes from the approved elective list. If a class is to be accepted that is not on the approved list, the apprentice must take the following steps:

  1. In writing, request the committee to accept the class in advance of taking the class.
  2. Submit a copy of the course outline and/or syllabi.
  3. Submit a letter of support from the employer as to how the course is beneficial to the apprentice/company
  4. If approved, submit a copy of the certificate or grade upon successful completion.

No in-house training will be accepted and the training must be provided by a reputable trainer. On a case by case basis classes may be approved at the committee’s discretion if all of the requirements above have been supplied to the committee in advance for consideration.