Apprenticeship and Trades - Program Overview

At PCC more than 1,500 men and women attend evening or Saturday classes as a part of their training program. PCC provides approximately 10% of an apprentice’s training through in-class work, while 90% of the student’s training is received on the job.

PCC provides classes in accordance with the Apprenticeship and Training Laws for the State of Oregon. These classes present technical instruction for the trades and are intended to complement on-the-job skills for both men and women. Each apprenticeship trade has a joint apprenticeship training committee (JATC), which outlines the procedures to become a journey person. This outline usually consists of two to five years of supervised, on-the-job experience in various aspects of the trade, combined with PCC classes. The training committees outline the type of supportive courses needed to prepare qualified journey persons in addition to working with PCC for related training classes.