Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Apprenticeship and Trades - Program Overview

The PCC Apprenticeship and Trades Programs offer students the opportunity to learn hands-on, on-the-job training to become highly paid, skilled workers, with potential for long-term stability, and growth into management positions. PCC also provides Pre-Trade opportunities to students seeking an Apprenticeship or a career in the Trades.

Trades jobs are an important part of Oregon’s economic history and present economic recovery. The State of Oregon March 2015 Economic and Revenue Forecast continues to identify construction as among the major industries with the highest number of job gains (3.6%). Well beyond its completion, all construction requires maintenance, which is to say, trades workers (inside electricians, industrial mechanics, facilities maintenance technicians etc.).

Apprenticeship programs provide workers to construction sites, manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, and other facilities and major industries with robust economic forecasts. PCC provides approximately 10% of an apprentice’s training through in-class work, while 90% of the student’s training is received on the job. PCC provides classes in accordance with the Apprenticeship and Training Laws for the State of Oregon.

The process of going from an Apprenticeship to a Journey level worker is usually about two to five years of supervised, on-the-job experience in various aspects of the trade, combined with PCC classes. Contact the Apprenticeship and Trades Specialist for more information.

Apprenticeship and Trades Programs available at PCC:

  • Pre-Trades Career Pathway Certificate
  • APR 100 – Exploring Trades & Apprenticeship (held periodically – check with department before registering)
  • Associate of Applied Science Degrees
    • Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies
    • Construction Trades, General Apprenticeship
    • Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology Apprenticeship
  • Certificates of Completion
    • Limited Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies
    • Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies
    • Manual Trades Apprenticeship
    • Construction Trades, General Apprenticeship
    • Mechanical Maintenance Apprenticeship
    • Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology Apprenticeship
  • Facilities Maintenance Technology, Associates of Applied Science Degree, 44 Credit Certificate
  • Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC/R), 14 Credit Career Pathway Certificate
  • Fiber Optics Training, Employment Skills Certificate and Industry Certification for AMP / TYCO Connectors
  • Electrical Trades, AMP Act Certificate or Associate of Applied Science Degree

Contact the Apprenticeship and Trades Department Chair, Rick Willebrand, for more information.

The Department also makes available: OSHA 30 hour Safety Certification, Continuing Education Credit Classes for Electrical Licensing Renewal, Fork Lift Certification, Oregon Brazing Certification, and First Aid/CPR Certification.

These classes are designed to help students build the necessary skills to meet the minimum entry qualifications to enter a Trade or Apprenticeship program. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.