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Alcohol and Drug Counseling discussion group

Counselors in training in PCC's Drug and Alcohol Counseling Program

Addiction is a scourge for the citizens of Oregon, and the devastation it unleashes affects every level of society. Oregon ranks second in the U.S. for illegal drug use in adults 26 and older, ranks seventh in the United States for illegal drug use among residents 12 and older, and ranks fourth in the U.S. for alcohol and drug dependence among 18-25 year olds (SAMHSA, National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2004).

Addiction not only kills thousands of Oregonians per year, but it also causes decades of prolonged suffering for addicts and their families. Treatment and prevention for addiction are essential to help reduce the huge costs that addiction exacts. In Oregon, addiction professionals continue to be in high demand.  There is a shortage across the state of addiction professionals. In 2005, this resulted in 150 positions going unfilled (2005 NFATTC Substance Abuse Treatment Workforce Survey).

Why Study at PCC?

Portland Community College’s Alcohol and Drug Counselor program is the single largest addiction counselor education venue in the state. Counselors trained in our program make an invaluable contribution to the health of Oregonians. The program provides students with the skills necessary to begin work as a counselor in the public or private sector, working to help turn around lives devastated by addiction.

Flexible, Effective, Up-to-Date

Our Alcohol and Drug Counseling program provides courses for new students and for professionals seeking to update their skills. With a curriculum uniquely designed for those already working who wish to work with the addicted population our program offers methods and courses that are current with today’s treatment models.

Degrees and Awards

In this program you can earn the following:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • Addiction Studies Certificate

See the catalog for information regarding program requirements.

What's Next?

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  1. Visit the program admission page for details on applying for admission to the Alcohol and Drug Counseling program.