YES to College Staff Profiles

Jeff LaffJeff Laff, Manager of YES to College
I wanted to be part of YES because of the opportunity to help make a difference for students needing to get back on track towards successful academic and career goals.  YES is a stepping stone into college and career opportunities.  I’m proud to be part of our amazing and talented staff who help students to address the barriers that have prevented them from success in the past, and open doors to a better future.
Chris HamreusChris Hamreus - College Success Coach at Southeast Campus
I am proud to be a part of PCC Links and the YES Program.  Through my experience as a Social Work Case Manager and an Educator, I have developed a passion for working with youth from all walks of life.  It brings me tremendous joy to guide, teach and advise a diverse population of students as they overcome the obstacles in their lives on the way to reaching their goals, academic or otherwise.  Many of our students exemplify characteristics like hard work, persistence and fortitude, and I look forward to supporting these students for years to come as they proceed through earning their GED and beyond.
Tracie MemmottTracie Memmott - College Success Coach at Cascade Campus
I have the opportunity to work with the most amazing students. They inspire me every day! It’s the greatest feeling to watch a student, who has faced many struggles with school in the past, persevere and achieve their goals. I love my job; it’s so rewarding!
Marlo UrbinaMarlo Urbina - College Success Coach at Sylvania Campus
I believe that each student that enters our program wants to be successful. I also believe it takes courage to accept that you’re not going to finish a standard high school experience and still have dreams of being a college graduate. The YES to College Program gives students an opportunity to bravely move on with their lives, take personal responsibility for their past choices, and be successful at completing their high school equivalency all in a setting that makes a future college degree not quite so intimidating.