What Students Are Saying

Jacob KragstadJacob Kragstad, graduated from YES!

I’m 19 now and just graduated from the YES! Program. When I started, I wanted to get my GED but didn’t have the money to. The YES! Program and resource specialists helped me by not only providing the money for me to get my GED but also prepared me for the tests and to succeed. When you complete your GED, PCC awards you with 12 free credits to use at any PCC campus within one year. I want a career in machining so I plan on getting started toward this career using my free credits at Sylvania campus this next term.

Saber BurrussSaber Burruss, YES!

I’m a part of the YES program. When I came to PCC to get my GED, I didn’t have much money for classes or the GED testing. The YES program helped me pay for my testing and give me insight towards what I can do after getting my GED. I planned on getting my GED and getting a job right after; however being a part of the YES program has helped me see how PCC can help me further my education. Now, I’m debating whether I should stay at PCC and take more classes verses getting a job right away. In the end, the YES program will show you your options about staying in college and getting further in your life.