What Students Are Saying

Katherine LumanglasKatherine Lumanglas, MAP to GtC

I’m 17 and in MAP because it is a perfect fit for me. I came from another country, hopeless about my education but I finally see the light now that I am in the program and have a future. It offered me a great opportunity to improve my language skills and continue my education. In MAP, I feel comfortable to study with the other students like me. I learned a lot of things and enjoy every class at the same time.

When I graduate from the program I plan on continuing my education at PCC and getting my Associates degree in Nursing.

Margarita KhoroshevaMargarita Khorosheva, MAP to GtC

I’m 20 and in Gateway to College now but started in the MAP program when I was 19. The MAP program is really unique and gave me a good base to start on, improve my language skills and continue my education in the Gateway to College program so that I can earn my High School Diploma while earning college credits. I really like the teachers and the teaching assistants. They have a positive attitude, care about the students, are really helpful with questions, and provide interesting assignments because narrow assignments are boring. I also really like working and interacting with different students from other countries with unique languages and backgrounds.

When I graduate from the program I will be prepared to continue my education at PCC and get my Associates degree in Paralegal Studies.