Multicultural Academic Program Staff Profiles

Jeff LaffJeff Laff, Manager of Multicultural Academic Program

I wanted to be part of MAP because of the opportunity to help make a difference for immigrant students who find themselves in challenging life circumstances. Helping students develop English language skills is an important step on the path to achieving the American Dream.

Emma Zwaschka Emma Zwaschka, College Success Coach

I have the benefit of being a part of the program, which values multicultural awareness and respect for diversity. The program responds to the community's needs by providing educational and support services to a diverse population. I enjoy working in a community college environment with multicultural staff and students that reflects the diverse country that we live in.

Vanessa HernandezVanessa Hernandez, College Success Coach

I joined MAP because through this program I have the opportunity to help young immigrants learn English, obtain a GED and access college. I find it very exciting to help my students realize the opportunities that are waiting for them if they improve their education. The potential of young immigrant students is unlimited. I am proud of being involved in their education at this early stage of their lives and being able to help them achieve their dreams.

Mathilda Lee Mathilda Lee, College Success Coach
MAP is a safe environment to learn and improve your English Skills to further your educational and career goals. I am always impressed how MAP students demonstrate their resilience and resolve as they successfully complete the ESL courses, received a GED, a High School Diploma, and/or even college degrees despite the barriers of language, culture, family obligations, and other difficulties. I encourage students to enroll in MAP and take the first step towards fulfilling your dreams!

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