Gateway to College Staff Profiles

Slava ScottSlava Scott - Manager of Gateway to College
I feel honored to be part of a profession where I get to impact the lives of many students. Education is a lifelong endeavor, and I believe that all students can achieve their full potential as they follow their educational path if they are given the quality instruction and a wrap around support. I sincerely believe in the ability of all students to learn, grow, and advance, and that conviction makes me work even harder to see PCC Links students be as successful as possible.
Regina Davis CainionRegina Davis Cainion - GtC Resource Specialist
Success is a journey not a destination. Join me in your educational journey.
Jane LarsonJane Larson - GtC Resource Specialist
I have been with Gateway to College since Spring of 2006. My work is a mixture of exciting chaos and student triumphs. Teaching this population keeps me coming back, energized and ready for whatever might happen. Gateway to College has the same effect on me that is has on students in the program: profound inspiration
Rebecca AndersenRebecca Andersen - GtC Instructor
At Gateway to College, I feel I have found my niche. I get to teach reading, writing, and academic lab to students who think and operate outside of the box, which is exhilarating to me. I am able to utilize my special education background, as well as my specialty in behavior, daily in the classroom. GtC is the perfect learning/teaching ground to exercise creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and excellence. Having worked for 25 years in alternative education, I see our as program one that works for students. I am glad to be teaching for Gateway to College.
Irina DidenkoIrina Didenko - GtC Instructor
The core elements of my teaching philosophy are to make mathematics relevant, to engage my students, and to help them succeed academically. I want my students to leave the class with confidence that they can use mathematics in their everyday life and develop appreciation for mathematical thought and reasoning. Math is not as scary as some students think. After students finish my math class, they are likely to fall in love with mathematics forever!
Deborah EdwallDeborah Edwall - GtC Instructor
Plato once said,”If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life.”  So I say…RUN!  Run to education to understand you.   Run to education to understand others.  Run to education to understand the world. RUN! Run to education!  Are you running yet?
Susan IversenSusan Iversen - GtC Instructor
My job as a reading and writing instructor is to prepare students for the reading and writing they will do in college. When I went to college, I found that high school did not adequately prepare me, and many of my students tell me the same thing. My primary goal is to get students ready for college demands; in short, cover all the things that should be covered in high school, but all too often aren’t. Success means students are prepared for the rigors of college and have the skills necessary to succeed.
Hanna Nuno Hanna Nuno - GtC Resource Specialist
I am very proud and excited to be a part of the PCC Links Programs because I have the opportunity to help students achieve their goals. It brings me great joy to know that I can make a difference in a students' lives by helping them take the next step with their education.