What Students Are Saying

Dylan BartleDylan Bartle

My name is Dylan Bartle. I am 18 years old and am in the Gateway to College program because High School didn’t stimulate my intellectual prowess to it’s full potential. The faculty in the program create an optimum learning environment with positive attitudes and the encouragement to always work harder. My experience in the program has empowered me to make important decisions and given me the confidence that I’ll make the right ones.

Cosmo KentCosmo Kent

My name is Cosmo Kent. When I started Gateway to College I was 17 with 4 credits to my name. This program gave me the environment I needed to become a successful student. I don’t believe the normal High School world was right for me, but college gives me the challenge and the motivation I need to graduate with a solid head on my shoulders. In Gateway, I have all of the resources the college offers on Portland Public Schools bill, giving me limitless amounts of classes, tutors and four different campuses to choose from. I don’t feel hopeless and uninspired like I did in High School; now I am accomplishing my dreams and it’s all because I chose Gateway to College and to make something of myself. My second chance was a better choice than public High School.

Will BurtonWill Burton

My name is Will Burton and Gateway to College changed my life. It has been a unique experience to meet like-minded people who wanted to succeed but were never given a fair shot. Through my resource specialist Jane and my peers, I have been given a second chance with school and with it I have truly thrived where I never would have before.

Saida OmarSaida Omar

I am 18 years old and am in the Gateway to College program to get my High School Diploma and eventually my Associates Degree. The instructors are very helpful, encouraging and give you the time needed to complete your homework. I feel successful because I am earning college credit while at the same time about to fulfill my dreams. My self-esteem has increased because I am able to express my opinions openly. Being a part of the program has improved my life for the better and I would like others to join us.


I chose Gateway to College because I was very interested in taking college courses to obtain a High School Diploma. Gateway to College provides a mature, easy-going environment with lots of resources available, and everybody wants to see you succeed. If someone had asked me a year ago what my future plans were, I would have told them I would be happy with a job at McDonald's. [Now] my future plans are to complete my High School Diploma, get a two-year Associates Degree, and transfer to the University of Portland to get a Bachelor's Degree in Teaching.


The high school environment I was in [before] really didn't fit my needs...if you got behind there weren't really too many resources available to get me back on track to where I wanted to be. I realized after talking to my mom that no one in my family has yet gotten a diploma of any sort from a college. I wanted to be the first to do that, and bring myself to that next level and actually achieve something that is worthwhile.

My Resource Specialist helps me succeed by making sure my classes are scheduled and ready to go, he gives me the guidance I need whenever I'm struggling in a class, and he gives me that extra support in order to pass any obstacle I come to while in college. That in itself is priceless.


I left high school because it just wasn't the right environment for me, there was too much drama, and it just didn't seem like I fit in very well.

I finished my GED and there was no real option, or way, or means of being able to pay for college.

Gateway to College is different because there are a lot of different people who pay attention to your individual needs. Everyone is into your success, into you, and ensuring that you accomplish what you really want to do in life.


I couldn't stand high school. My GPA was under 1.0. It just didn't work for me. Now I'm getting ready to transfer to the University of Oregon to study philosophy.


In regular high school, I got in with the wrong people. Gateway to College saved my life.