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In the “Administrators” section it is our goal to provide the information needed to understand the areas of Perkins IV that effect high school Administrators directly:

Perkins in a Nutshell:

Meeting Spending Requirements:

The Spending Requirement section is a guide to aid in understanding the legal requirements tied to the use of the Perkins VI funds as well as lay the groundwork and provide clarity around the Basic Fund purchasing process. 


Annually, three grants are written and submitted to the Oregon Department of Education, each with a specific goal and purpose:

Reports & Plans:

The Timeline is a list of Regional events, meetings and deadlines for the current Grant Year.

Oregon Approved CTE Programs of Study by High School
This link will connect to a “Map” page from which you can choose from a list of all high schools in the State of Oregon with approved Programs of Study.

Oregon CTE Performance Measurement (Updated November 2014)
An ongoing compilation by the Oregon Department of Education of statewide statistical data starting in 2007, reflecting Academic Attainment in Reading, Math, Writing, Technical Skill Assessment, High School Completion and Graduation

– 2013 Oregon State Plan for Career and Technical Education
The complete 123 page Oregon State Plan for Career and Technical Education.  This is the official state plan in fulfillment of the requirement for Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006, Public Law 109-270

Oregon Education Consolidated Annual Report for 2011-2012
The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 requires states to report to the United States Department of Education (USDOE) annually on specific performance measures. The Consolidated Annual Performance, Accountability, and Financial Status Report, is commonly referred to as the Consolidated Annual Report (CAR).

State of Oregon Career & Technical Education (CTE) Main Page
For comprehensive Career and Technical Education information:

  • Administration – Perkins IV Grant
  • Advocacy & Resource Materials
  • Career Areas and Skill Sets
  • CTE Network
  • Date Collection & reports
  • Initiatives & Partnerships
  • Network Updates
  • Postsecondary CTE
  • Programs of Study – Approval & Administration
  • Teacher Licensure

2008-2013 PAVTEC Plan

The original 5 year plan developed by the PAVTEC Office on March 2008.