Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

4+ weeks before term: Complete the EOP application packet (One time only)

After the student's educational plan has been developed, work with the student to complete and submit the EOP Application and College Expectations. Send completed forms to the PCC admissions office at the campus the student will attend.

3+ weeks before term: Refer student for testing & Orientation (One time only)

After the application has been submitted, refer the student for testing to the PCC Testing Center. Ensure your students have completed PCC's online orientation. Each campus also has an Orientation Center with advising staff that will help students logon to MyPCC.

2+ weeks before term: Finalize class schedule & submit billing authorization (EACH TERM)

View the PCC class schedule to identify the specific classes the student should take, or use the advanced search to find classes by location. Complete the Billing Authorization form and send it to the PCC billing office. Be sure to include CRN, course title, and number of credits.

  • Complete the "Course Substitutions" section to indicate if students will or will not be allowed to substitute courses
  • Complete the "Book Authorization" section if the student will be allowed to charge books. You must indicate the maximum amount the school will pay (see Textbooks below)

Incomplete billing authorizations will not be accepted. Students will be billed directly for any courses not specifically authorized by the school.


Financial holds are placed when a student has an unresolved debt. This may be due to a missing or incomplete billing authorization, or because the student altered their course schedule. To check on billing authorizations, please call the billing office.


Once the student's class schedule has been identified, obtain a list of required textbooks and related costs from the PCC Bookstore, or ask the student to provide it for you. Students who are authorized to charge books to the school will be able to do so from one week before the term through the 2nd Friday.


Information about parking, free shuttles and Tri-Met are available through PCC's Parking and Transportation office.

Release of Confidential Information

PCC may only release confidential information to parents or guardians if the "Consent to Release" is completed in the student's MyPCC account. For schools, the release is provided on the EOP application form. With the appropriate release on file, PCC may provide information on the student's educational records, such as course schedule, student account information, and grades. PCC does not allow direct contact with instructors for attendance verification, academic progress or behavioral issues.


Students who are unable to complete a course must officially drop the course using their MyPCC account. Charges will be removed only if the drop is received by the published refund deadline for the class. The school will be billed for all authorized charges, regardless of attendance or successful completion of the course. If the student was unable to drop the course by the refund deadline due to a hardship beyond their ability to control, they may file a Student Account Petition requesting forgiveness of tuition charges.


Grades are typically available one week after the end of finals week available to students through MyPCC. Grades should be obtained directly from the student.

ID Cards and Computer Use

PCC Student ID Cards are optional, but are required for many on-campus activities such as library and shuttle services. Cards are currently obtained through Registration office. Beginning Fall 2007, cards will be available at campus libraries and Student Account Services.

Computers are located in the lobby of each campus student service building, libraries and computer labs, and may be used by any PCC student with a MyPCC login. 

Appeals to admission standards

Appeals may be accepted from the school if it can be demonstrated that placement below the standard would not impair meeting the student's educational plan and program requirements. Appeals will be reviewed by the Dean of Instruction at the campus the student plans to attend.