Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Form Purpose Instructions

PCC Application & College Expectations (required upon application)

Provides information needed by PCC to set up student record; enables sharing of information between the high school and college; authorizes PCC to bill application fee; and clarifies expectations for student conduct.

Submit to the EOP contact at least 4 weeks prior to term.

To be completed by student, parent and authorized high school signer.

Billing Authorization (required EACH TERM )

Authorizes PCC to bill the high school for tuition, mandatory course fees, and textbooks.

Fax to PCC's billing contact 2 weeks prior to term, but after student is accepted for admission. Full course information (subject, description CRN and credit hours) is required and may be obtained from the online class schedule.

Mark Allow Course Substitutions if students may enroll in courses not specified.

Complete the Bookstore Authorization by entering an amount in the maximum book allowance. If this section is not completed, the student should be directed to seek reimbursement from the school.

Consent to Release Confidential Information (optional - renewed annually)

Enables sharing of confidential student information (class schedule, grades, account standing, etc) with designated party, typically a parent.

Note: PCC does not release information about class progress, attendance or behavior.

To be completed by the student. May be submitted by mail or at any PCC Student Account Services.