Grading Options

Students taking credit classes now choose between two grading options (providing the department has permitted both options for a course):

  1. Letter Grades (A-F)
  2. Pass/No Pass (P/NP)

When registering, PCC students taking credit classes can choose between receiving traditional letter grades (A-F) and Pass/No Pass (P/NP). If you do not select a grading option, you will automatically have the default grading option for that course. The default option is generally a letter grade, but could be pass/no pass.

How to choose your grading option:

  • Choose when you register for classes
  • You can change your grading option in MyPCC through the end of the designated day for each term – refer to the PCC Dual Credit Academic Calendar for term dates.
  • Once an instructor has posted a grade, changing the grading option will no longer be available to the student.
  • Refer to the Grades section on page 12 of the Student Handbook for additional information on grading policies.

Issues to consider when choosing your grading option:

  • There is a limit to the number of Pass credits that can apply towards a degree or certificate. Check with an academic advisor regarding the limit set for your degree or certificate.
  • There are also a limited number of Pass credits that will transfer to other college/universities. For more information, check with an academic advisor at the institution you plan to transfer to.

Viewing your grades online

The following information will help you view or print your grades online. Please follow the directions step by step. If after reading the directions you still need assistance, please contact the Student Help Desk.

  • Go to the MyPCC Online Community website at:
  • Login using your PCC ID number (begins with a G).
  • Once you're logged in, select the My Courses tab.
  • In the View My column, Click on Unofficial Transcripts

If you have a balance/financial hold on your PCC account you will be unable to view your unofficial transcript until payment is made. Please contact Accounts Receivable at 971-722-2887 to make a payment or inquiry on your account.

What's Next?

  • Follow the PCC Dual Credit Academic Calendar for important dates.
  • Continue your coursework and complete all college required material.
  • If you choose to Drop or Withdraw from the college course, you must formally drop the course(s) using MyPCC.
  • Upon completion of your PCC Dual Credit course, you will receive the grade you earned for the equivalent high school course.
  • Be sure to check out Attending PCC After High School.