Dropping or Withdrawing from a PCC Course

Registration Helpline: 971-722-8888 | PCC Dual Credit Office: 971-722-7737

What's the Difference Between Dropping and Withdrawing from a Class?

You do not have a mark on your transcript. (Must drop course early in the term by the drop due date.)
You will have a W on your transcript. (Allows you to drop course later in the term.)

How to Drop and Withdraw from a Class

On the web, using MyPCC

  • Login to MyPCC using your PCC student ID number
  • Click on the My Courses tab
  • In the Get Started column, click on Register for Classes
  • Click on Add or Drop Classes
  • In the Registration Term screen, select the appropriate Term (refer to the CRN you are registering for provided by your teacher or on the Participating High Schools website.
    • CRNs starting with a 4 - select Fall
    • CRNs starting with a 1 - select Winter
    • CRNs starting with a 2 - select Spring
    • CRNs starting with a 3 - select Summer
  • In the Add or Drop Classes screen, under Current Schedule, you’ll see the class(es) you are currently registered for.  In the Action box for the course you wish to drop, pull down and select Web Drop and then click on Submit Changes
  • Be sure to click on the Submit Changes to complete your Drop request.
  • Your screen will refresh and will tell you that your registration changes were processed and to look for any Registration Errors.


You are responsible for formally dropping your class if you do not want the PCC credit.  If you fail to drop during the correct timeframe, you will still be responsible for the grade posted on your transcript (even if it is a D or F). You are responsible for keeping PCC informed of any changes in your mailing address or name.