PCC Faculty Liaison Job Description

Willow Creek Center, Room 301 | Email: dualcredit@pcc.edu | Phone: 971-722-7737 | Fax: 971-722-7805

Faculty Liaisons are supporters for both the PCC Dual Credit high school instructor and the sponsoring PCC academic department. They serve high school instructor and the corresponding PCC academic department by providing curriculum development, reviewing Dual Credit syllabi, visiting the high school classrooms to provide curriculum information, perform course assessments, discuss issues, and offer training.

Making contact with the high school instructors who are teaching college courses is a major factor in maintaining the high quality of instruction we provide to dual credit students. The PCC Dual Credit office depends on liaisons to make PCC Dual Credit a successful program for high school students as they make their transitions to PCC.

The PCC Dual Credit program pays the current PCC Special Projects Rate for the Faculty Liaison’s time and mileage spent completing the primary responsibilities noted below as well as for high school visits or curriculum development.


  • Assist high school instructors with the development of their Dual Credit Syllabi based on PCC’s syllabi requirements to meet approval guidelines.
  • Sign the high school instructor’s PCC Dual Credit Articulation Agreement.
  • Regularly review course syllabi submitted by high school instructors for approval.
  • Ensure the Dual Credit course reflects the college’s and/or academic department’s pedagogical, theoretical, and philosophical orientation through a site visit.
  • Attend the annual articulation connections team meetings, program workshops and any professional development opportunities to enhance collegial interactions as required by the Oregon Dual Credit Standards.
  • Communicate department information regularly to high school instructors and the Dual Credit office. Include high school faculty in department correspondence, listserv, academic notices and general information.
  • Complete a “Course Assessment Form” for every approved Dual Credit course within your department area on a regular basis.
  • Communicate at least once per term/year via email or phone with your high school instructors. Copy the PCC Dual Credit Coordinator on email correspondence.
  • Supply high school instructors with current sample syllabi, sample exams, textbooks and other course materials when requested.
  • Discuss the college experience to high school students. This may be done when faculty liaisons visit the high schools or when the PCC Dual Credit program instructors bring high school students to visit a PCC campus. Assist the PCC Dual Credit program office with department tours.

Each of these responsibilities is critical to the quality of Dual Credit courses. If you are unable to complete any of these responsibilities, let your department chairperson or Division Dean and Dual Credit Coordinator know immediately so another liaison can be assigned.