Submitting PCC Syllabi

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The PCC Dual Credit program MUST receive a current updated copy of your PCC syllabi and Schedule of Learning Activities by October 1, 2013. Your PCC Dual Credit syllabi must be distributed to all Dual Credit students prior to the time of registration. 

Prior to submitting your PCC syllabi to the PCC Dual Credit program, verify that it meets the PCC requirements detailed under Course Approval.

How to submit your PCC Syllabi

Simply email your PCC syllabi to Jacqlyn Proper at Once your syllabi is received and posted to the PCC Dual Credit Wiki Space by Jacqlyn, you will receive a confirmation email.

How to access the PCC Dual Credit Wiki Space

The intended goal of the PCC Dual Credit Wiki Space is to provide online access for high school and their PCC partners to share syllabi, teaching resources, rubrics, and best practices of the articulated courses. This is also a way to help PCC departments review syllabi annually.

Click on the Wiki Space in the right-hand menu.

Click on your subject area to view the following information:

  • High School and PCC faculty contact information and teacher webpages
  • What to Include in Your PCC Syllabus
  • Posted HS Syllabi and Schedule of Learning Activities
  • Example of Student Projects
  • Course Assessment Information
  • Upcoming Professional Development
  • Additional Resources (Articles, Websites and other Media)

Should you experience any technical difficulties, find an error, omission or outdated information, please send an email to Jacqlyn Proper at, and it will be corrected as soon as possible.