Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

At the Beginning of the Course

Share the following information with students:

  • What is PCC Dual Credit?
  • PCC Dual Credit program brochure
  • Benefits to students for registering for college credit
  • Walk through the PCC Dual Credit Student Handbook with students and highlight page 3
  • The grade received in the high school course will be reflected on an official PCC transcript; unless student has formally requested to DROP or WITHDRAW from the course.
  • PCC Dual Credit Academic Calendar, which lists the dates when students need to Apply for Admission, Register for Classes, and Drop or Withdraw from a dual credit class.
  • Have interested students Apply for Admissions to PCC
  • Assist students in Registering for Classes

Please Note: PCC will not be able to "retroactively" give credit for articulated courses if a student decides later that s/he should have taken advantage of this credit. Since student plans change and college transfer policies are sometimes flexible, students should be strongly encouraged to register for the credit as the opportunity is available to them now and won’t be later.

Midway through the Course

  • Login to MyPCC and review your Class Summary List (PCC Class Roster) to verify that students who are listed on each of your articulated course rosters are indeed eligible for college credit. If there are any discrepancies, please contact the PCC Dual Credit office immediately at 971-722-7737.
  • Students who registered to receive PCC credit for their high school class have the option of Dropping or Withdrawing from the course according to the dates listed on the PCC Dual Credit Academic Calendar.
  • The high school instructor needs to review their college class roster(s) and assess and communicate to those students who aren’t doing well. Encourage those students to either Drop or Withdraw from the course as the student will be responsible for whatever grade they earn if no formal request has been made.

At the End of the Course