Grading Procedures

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Verify Your Summary Class List

  1. Login to MyPCC.
  2. Click on Faculty tab.
  3. On right side of screen in the Tools box under the Banweb heading, click on Summary Class List. Here you will be able to view all students registered in your CRN (Course Reference Number). Please review and make sure students are registered who should be registered.

  4. If you do not recognize a name, it’s likely due to a student miskeying an entry which then needs to be corrected. Please notify the PCC Dual Credit office immediately at 971-722-7737.

Grading Guidelines

PCC uses the traditional graded system of A, B, C, D and F. In addition Degree or certificate requirements may designate certain courses as pass/no pass only. Select an item from the Grade Definitions below for an expanded explanation of each grade and mark.

A student may repeat a course for a higher grade under certain conditions. If a student feels they received the wrong grade, they should follow the instructions in Grade Disputes.

Grade Definitions

Pass - No Pass

Mark Definitions

Incomplete (I) Mark Process and Form

Repeated Courses

All grades earned will appear on the transcript. The most recent grade earned for a course will be calculated into the GPA and the total credit hours earned; all other grades earned for that course will be excluded from the GPA and the credit hours earned. If a course can be taken more than once for credit, the oldest grade for that course will be excluded only when the repeat limit is exceeded. Read more at Repeat Policy FAQs.

Submitting Your Final Grades

  1. Login to MyPCC at
  2. Click on Faculty tab
  3. On right side of screen in the Tools box under the Banweb heading, click on Final Grades
  4. Select appropriate Term and click submit.
  5. Select appropriate CRN and click submit. Steps 5-8 will need to be repeated for each CRN offered. A list of CRNs will be provided to each instructor.
  6. Enter final grade for each student listed.
  7. Click the Submit button to save changes. Be sure to review grades entered prior to clicking submit. Once the submit button has been clicked, the only way to change a grade is to manually enter a grade change request online, and can be time consuming if there are numerous changes.
  8. It is only necessary to enter the Last Attend Date if the student received an F or is a No Show.

Grade Changes

  1. Login to MyPCC.
  2. Click on the Faculty Tab
  3. Click on Summary Class List
  4. Choose the Appropriate Term
  5. Choose the Appropriate CRN
  6. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the ‘Grade Changes’ link.
  7. Complete the entries on the Grade Change Request page (instructions appear at the top of the page). When you have completed your entries, press ‘Submit’.

Note: Grade Change confirmation from PCC's Student Records Office will be sent to your PCC email address. See page 19 of your PCC Dual Credit High School Faculty Manual for directions on how to forward your PCC email to a personal email account.