Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Once a faculty and course(s) are approved, the PCC Dual Credit office creates an Articulation Agreement to be signed by PCC and the high school. The agreement states the responsibilities of both the high school and the college and is signed by the high school faculty, principal, college Faculty Liaison, Division Dean, PCC Dual Credit Coordinator, and Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs.

Newly approved Dual Credit faculty or courses added for a currently approved Dual Credit faculty will have an Articulation Agreement for Initial Approval. This initial articulation agreement will be for the current school year. If after the initial school year there are no changes to the agreement, and the course meets college expectations, then a 3-Year Renewal Articulation Agreement will be signed.

In 2014-15, PCC Dual Credit involved 23 school districts, 54 high schools, 230 articulating faculty, 270 articulation agreements, and 48 PCC programs.

The following are samples of the PCC Dual Credit 1-Year Initial and 3-Year Renewal Articulation Agreement.