Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

How does Project DEgree work?

Project DEgree Initial Two Quarters

All students begin in a learning community of 20-25 students. In the first quarter students take Reading 90, Writing 90, College Survival and Success (CG 100c) and generally Math 20 (Math is optional). These courses include learning projects that integrate the material of the classes. Each learning community is assigned a Faculty Mentor who works intensively with each student.

Students progress as a learning community in the second quarter, taking Reading and Writing 115 together, Today's Careers (CG 130) OR Financial Survival (CG114) to help them figure out their career goals, and generally a math class (Math 60 or 20; Math is optional).

Project DEgree in Subsequent Quarters

Students who complete the first two quarters will fully transition into college-level coursework and work toward the certificate or degree of their choice. Students are encouraged to continue to take a 12 credit load each term. Students completing these first two terms of Project Degree will be more prepared for College Level Coursework.