Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

What's Next?

Congratulations, you have graduated! You have now joined the ranks of many other PCC students who have obtained their Adult High School Diploma through PCC.

If you are planning to continue at PCC after earning your PCC Adult High School diploma, here are some helpful next steps:

  1. Apply for Financial Aid at least 2 terms before your anticipated graduation. See if you will be eligible for scholarships!
  2. Schedule an appointment with a College Advisor to select your classes prior to attending your first term after you graduate.
  3. View how your existing college credits meet the Associate Degree requirements with GRAD Plan.
  4. Stop by the Career & Transfer Center to seek assistance with deciding upon a major, career track, or a transfer program.

In the process of completing your Adult High School Diploma at PCC, you worked closely with one or more High School Completion Specialists. We are proud of your achievement and would like to hear from you now and then. We invite you to send us an email to let us know where your next steps take you on your academic or career pathway. You are also welcome to drop by the office and just say hi.

The High School Completion Specialists Team