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Wilson High School

Rock Creek Campus, Building 3, Room 226 | Email: dualcredit@pcc.edu | Phone: 971-722-7737

Current participation details for courses at Wilson High School:

PCC Courses under Agreement (credits) High School Course Teacher
Building Construction Technology
BCT 106 Hand Tool/Power Tool Use and Safety (3) Woodworking/Metalworking 1-2 Steve Walmer
College Success and Career Guidance
CG 130H Introduction to Today's Careers: Health (2) Health Occupations Aaron Olsen
CG 190 Intercultural Leadership for Mentors (3) Wilson Peer Mentors Kathryn Wolff
CG 190 Intercultural Leadership for Mentors (3) Intercultural Leadership for Mentors Linda Campillo
Computer Science
CS 161 Computer Science I (4) Computer Science 3-4 Honors Christopher Bartlo
CS 162 Computer Science II (4) Computer Science 5-6 Honors Christopher Bartlo
ED 119 Library Access Services (3) Library Access Services Linda Campillo
J 103 Introduction to Media Writing (4) Newspaper - Editor Keith Higbee
MM 230 Graphics for Multimedia (4) Digital Media Design III-IV Martin Douglass
MUS 158A Chamber Ensemble (1) Chamber Orchestra Margaret Murer
MUS 220A Chorus (1) Choir: Wilsingers Margaret Murer
MUS 221A Chamber Chorus (1) Choir: Advanced Vocal Ensemble Margaret Murer