Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Current participation details for courses at Westview High School:

PCC Courses under Agreement (credits) High School Course Teacher
ATH 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (4) Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Annarose Pandey
Early Education and Family Studies
ECE 120 Introduction to Early Education and Family Studies (3) Child Development II Lisa Weisenfluh
ECE 132 Early Childhood Field Work (2) Child Development III Lisa Weisenfluh
ENG 254 American Literature from 1865 (4) Survey American Literature Elizabeth Neely
WR 121 English Composition (4) W121 for Seniors Paul Wu
WR 121 English Composition (4) English Composition Elizabeth Neely
WR 122 English Composition (4) Inquiry, Argument and Research Paul Wu
WR 122 English Composition (4) Writing 122 Elizabeth Neely
MM 260 Video Production I (4) Film Seminar - A242 Scott Guthrie
Political Science
PS 205 Global Politics: Conflict & Cooperation (4) Global Politics: Conflict & Cooperation Sergio Tanasescu
PS 221 Globalization and International Relations (4) Globalization and International Relations Sergio Tanasescu