Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Current participation details for courses at Sunset High School:

PCC Courses under Agreement (credits) High School Course Teacher
Business Administration
BA 101 Introduction to Business (4) Marketing 3 Nicole Taylo
BA 223 Principles of Marketing (4) Marketing 3 Nicole Taylo
College Success and Career Guidance
CG 130 Today's Careers (2) Personal Finance Jeff Smith
Computer Applications and Office Systems
CAS 121 Beginning Keyboarding (3) Computer Literacy Jeff Smith
CAS 133 Basic Computer Skills/Microsoft Office (4) Computer Applications I Jeff Smith
CAS 170 Beginning Excel (3) Accounting Brent Buell
Computer Information Systems
CIS 120 Computer Concepts I (4) Computer Hardware 1 Cady Geer
CIS 145 Microcomputer Hardware and Troubleshooting (4) Computer Hardware 2 Cady Geer
ENGR 100 Exploring Engineering (1) Engineering 1 Cady Geer
Management and Supervisory Development
MSD 107 Organizations & People (3) MARKETING 2 Vanessa McDonnell