Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Current participation details for courses at Madison High School:

PCC Courses under Agreement (credits) High School Course Teacher
BI 121 Introduction of Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4) Human Body Systems I David Valenzuela
BI 122 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4) Human Body Systems II David Valenzuela
Computer Aided Design & Drafting
CADD 185 Inventor Fundamentals (3) IED, Introduction to Engineering Design Monica Gray
ENGR 100 Exploring Engineering (1) IED: Introduction to Engineering Design Monica Gray
WR 121 English Composition (4) College Writing Daniel Fredgant
WR 246 Advanced Creative Writing, Editing & Publishing (4) Contemporary Literature and Creative Writing Kelly Gomes
MTH 111 College Algebra (5) Dual Credit College Algebra Andrew Constantinescu
MTH 111 College Algebra (5) Pre-Calculus Thuy Nguyen
MTH 112 Elementary Functions (5) Pre-Calculus Thuy Nguyen