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Gaston High School

Rock Creek Campus, Building 3, Room 226 | Email: dualcredit@pcc.edu | Phone: 971-722-7737

Current participation details for courses at Gaston High School:

PCC Courses under Agreement (credits) High School Course Teacher
Building Construction Technology
BCT 106 Hand Tool/Power Tool Use and Safety (3) Woods I Wade Sims
BCT 216 Cabinetry I (2) Woods II Wade Sims
BCT 217 Cabinetry II (2) Woods III Wade Sims
BCT 218 Woodworking Projects (2) Woods IV Wade Sims
College Success and Career Guidance
CG 130 Today's Careers (2) Careers Madelynn Anderson
RD 115 College Reading (4) Advanced Placement Literature Madelynn Anderson