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ACE Academy

Rock Creek Campus, Building 3, Room 226 | Email: dualcredit@pcc.edu | Phone: 971-722-7737

Current participation details for courses at ACE Academy:

PCC Courses under Agreement (credits) High School Course Teacher
Architectural Design & Drafting
ARCH 101 Introduction to Residential Design (3) Foundations of Architecture and Design I Robert Parker
ARCH 124 Introduction to Building Systems (3) Introduction to Building Systems Robert Parker
ARCH 200 Principles of Architectural Design (4) Principles of Architectural Design Robert Parker
ARCH 202 Commercial Studio (4) Advanced Architecture and Design Robert Parker
ARCH 237 Intro to Revit Architecture (3) Intro to Revit Architecture Robert Parker
ARCH 247 Intermediate Revit Architecture (3) Intermediate Revit Architecture Robert Parker
ENGR 100 Exploring Engineering (1) Engineering Principles Randy Scott
Machine Manufacturing Technology
MCH 291 Laser Cutting and Engraving Fundamentals (1) Engineering II Randy Scott
MCH 292 FDM Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals Orientation (1.5) Engineering II Randy Scott
MCH 294 3 Dimensional Digital Laser Scanning Fundamentals (1.5) Engineering II Randy Scott