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Library Instruction Request

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a library instruction session for your class. Faculty librarians teach a large number of classes at PCC’s three campuses, centers, and worksites. Due to staff and space demands, librarians reserve the right to limit instruction to one session per section per term. We require at least one week’s notice to schedule and prepare for your class. For statistical purposes and to best prepare our collaboration with you, we ask all faculty requestors to complete this form.


Enter your 10 digit phone number
Choose the subject of your course
Enter the course number. For example, 122 (if the course is BI 122). Enter 0000 if the course has no number.
Enter the 5 digit CRN for your course. Enter 99999 if the course has no CRN.
Enter the number of students in the class
Enter the date you would prefer to have your class visit
Enter the time you would prefer to have your class visit
Enter an alternate date for your class to visit
Enter an alternate time to have your class visit
Enter the length of instruction you would like your class to receive

Some possible learning outcomes for this session:

  • Develop a search strategy based on their research topic
  • Perform an efficient search of the library catalog for books and other materials
  • Differentiate between scholarly journals and magazines
  • Construct a query for journal, magazine, or newspaper articles and evaluate best choices in the results list
  • Physically locate items and other resources