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Film and Video Scheduling

Killing us Softly 4: Advertising's Image of Women DVD cover

Choose from thousands of titles for classroom or personal use.

The library owns over 10,000 videos ( VHS and DVD ) with access to thousands more through an account with Netflix. All videos can be scheduled in one of three ways: (1) for personal use (i.e. previewing), (2) for reserve use (up to two weeks), or (3) for future classroom use. The location and type of videos, including borrowing policies, can be found below. Let us know how we can help you find and schedule the video you need.

If you already know the titles you want, use the film and video scheduling form to begin scheduling these items.

Searching for videos

  • Do an advanced search in the library catalog using author, subject, title or keywords.
  • Under "Format", select "DVD Video"
  • If you can't find what you're looking for, ask a librarian or visit a campus library for help.

Location and types of videos


  • Video browse
    • Located in the general shelves of each campus library
    • 7-day checkout plus one renewal for students and guests
    • 14-day max checkout for faculty and staff
    • These items may be pre-scheduled for classroom use (booked)
  • Reserve videos
    • Located behind the checkout desk of each campus library
    • 2-hour, in-library use only (some are longer)
    • Includes telecourse tapes, classroom-produced media, and special departmental instructional media
    • Any title may be placed "on reserve" by an instructor for up to two weeks
    • These items may not be scheduled (booked)
  • Special collection videos (film booking)
    • Located behind the checkout desk at Sylvania campus
    • Expensive or heavily used titles
    • These may be pre-scheduled for classroom use
    • Students may also book these items for two hour, in-library viewing
  • Netflix videos
    • Faculty may request (schedule) DVDs that PCC does not own
    • Videos are for classroom use only
    • Netflix requests require 2 weeks for transit and processing


Fill out the film and video scheduling form. Schedule at least 48 hours in advance (business days) for PCC items and 2 weeks in advance for Netflix items.

Picking up the video

Scheduled items can be picked up at any library checkout desk on the day that they are scheduled to arrive. Videos for faculty and staff may be sent intercampus mail to faculty offices at PCC Centers (i.e. Capital Center and Central Portland Workforce Training Center). Scheduled items will not be held after the specified use date.

Video equipment

Small TV/VHS and DVD players with earphones are in each library. Contact Media Services to find out if there is equipment in your classroom. See: Schedule Audiovisual Equipment

If you need help scheduling films or videos, contact the Film Booking Specialist at 971-722-7433 or